Benefits of Membership

Why join?

As strategic and tactical as we may be in many areas of our lives, striving to excel professionally and personally, we rarely carve out sufficient time for one of the most important aspects of life - finding that special person.

The right romantic relationship has the potential to inspire, nurture and invigorate us - surely that is worth a significant investment of our time and effort?

Membership Includes:

  1. One, to one and a half-hour consultation and profiling interview
  2. Taking current photos for your profile
  3. Psychological matching
  4. Inclusion in the CheckMates database
  5. Access to the CheckMates library of current photos
  6. Guaranteed number of dates through the year - at least 12 introductions guaranteed
  7. Personal follow up after each date
  8. Date coaching available (optional)

Each match that we suggest to you has been through the same process: They have been interviewed, photographed, and had their information verified, (including their age, marital and professional status, educational credentials and place of residence).

Application process

  1. Call us to apply for membership and book a consultation: [415] 281-5845, [408] 537-0166, [925] 988-3555
  2. Meet the matchmaker: A personal consultation with our matchmaker (usually an hour to an hour and a half). Using psychological expertise and professional experience, interview techniques and sample photos of different physical types we learn about you, your preferences and expectations.
  3. The search begins: Reviewing suitable member profiles we build a portfolio of potential matches for you to consider.
  4. Personalized introductions: Once matches are determined we contact our members and share general information about the match to see if there is a mutual interest in meeting. If both people agree we then arrange the date.
  5. The date: Both parties are given one another's contact and availability info.
  6. The follow up: After each introduction, we follow up with both members. Our goal is to learn more about your preferences and impressions, as well as helping both men and women members to understand and learn from their strengths and weaknesses.