"Perhaps the most important investment you can make in life is an investment in your own love life. Trying to cut corners by using an online dating service might seem to be cheaper at first, but after you factor in all of the wasted time and effort, wild goose chase dates, and emotional stress they induce -- I think it probably works out to be more expensive than you think."

~ Deborah Barnet

"I'm careful and fastidious in most aspects of my life, because it gets predictable and desirable results. Searching for a mate is just another aspect of life.

Although we dream of that perfect relationship where we can truly relax, let down our guard, throw caution to the wind, etc. -- identifying the right person still takes care and effort.

By collecting accurate information and photos for me, CheckMates helped make an inherently unpredictable process a little more efficient and predictable."

~ Jason Marks

"CheckMates did all of the work so I could relax and enjoy this process. I'm really much more myself on a date, more relaxed and outgoing when I feel safe. I'm confident CheckMates worked hard to ensure the safety and suitability of my match."

~ Ellen Dubowitz

"My time is precious and I don't want to waste it on dead end dates. I know that probably sounds a bit pompous, but I think it's pretty logical. I want real, un-retouched, current photos, and verified information -- and I've found that only CheckMates offers it to me.

Given my dating history -- I'd say the experts at CheckMates are probably better than me at identifying the type of person I'd be happy with -- so I'm more than happy to include them in the process."

~ A. Lewis